Corporate Services


Since its inception in 1994, B.I.S. has been providing professional services to both public and privately held companies.
Whether it be large multi-national conglomerates or small entrepreneurs, B.I.S. has the expertise required to assist
businesses with all of their investigative needs. Our team of seasoned investigators is committed to conducting
thorough and detailed investigations so that our clients have the best available information at their disposal. That
information assists executives, business owners, human resource professionals and managers make better and more
informed decisions. B.I.S. also offers comprehensive security audits and reviews which are beneficial in minimizing the
risks businesses face on a daily basis.


Below are some of the areas where Burl-Oak can assist your business.


•  Workers "Comp" (WSIB) Abuse

•  Workplace violence/harassment

•  Employee pre-screening

•  Criminal record checks

•  Suspicious workplace activity

•  Proprietary information theft

•  Illegal drug use

•  Shareholder disputes

•  Secret commissions/bribes

•  Theft of "time"

•  Undercover operations

•  Tracking devices

•  Ethics violations and breaches of company policies

•  Electronic counter measures (bug sweeps)

•  Cargo/warehouse theft

•  Sub-contractor issues

•  Corporate intelligence

•  Executive counter-surveillance

•  Security audits/reviews

•  Internal/external theft and fraud

•  Industrial Accident Investigation

•  Misappropriations

•  Threats against the business

•  Threats against employees

•  Response to a foreign jurisdiction

•  Surveillance of valuable shipments

•  Transportation security

•  Security guard reviews

•  Discrete investigation of executives

•  Missing inventory investigation

•  Liaison with law enforcement

•  Liaison with your legal team


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